Victoria ALMA workshop

Nienke van der Marel and Logan Francis (UVic) are organizing a virtual ALMA data reduction workshop on September 24-25th 2020 (Thursday and Friday). The workshop will be focused on the analysis of protoplanetary disks, but many of the concepts are applicable in any research field, so everyone is welcome! The level is aimed for beginners who have not worked with ALMA data before, but can also be useful for experienced users.

We will discuss basics of interferometry, how to do imaging (cleaning) of both point and extended sources, self-calibration, using the ALMA archive, visibility analysis and different modeling techniques. The workshop will be spread over two days, with 2 hours of lecture plus 2 hours of hands-on sessions (practicing with ALMA data) on each day.

The schedule is as follows: The times have been set to accommodate the class/seminar schedule for as many people as possible, but in case you miss part of the sessions, we will record all sessions and make them available for participants to watch at a later time. The hands-on sessions will consist of a brief introduction, followed by working on assignments on your own computer, while you can ask questions in the active Zoom session. You are free to walk in and out of the tutorial sessions and work at your own speed.

To sign up, please send an e-mail by Wednesday September 23rd to Nienke van der Marel ( You will receive Zoom and other information there.

Linux or Macbook is required. Make sure to download and install CASA version 5.6 (ALMA pipeline) beforehand. We also recommend you read the ALMA primer for some background on ALMA.

Lecture slides:
Hands-on session Thursday
Hands-on session Friday